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south koreaToday 15th October 2019, The Managing Director National Enterprise Corporation; Lt Gen James Mugira exchanging gifts in Seoul , Korea meeting with major Defence Industries Companies aimed at identifying possible areas of cooperation and collaboration.


gala awards

Yesteday 27th September 2019, MODVA won this year's Taxpayers Appreciation Award as the best exhibitor and also won a fuel voucher worth 1,000,000 shillings from Total Total Uganda. National Enterprise Corporation was among the Agencies that exhibited under Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs.


md egypt

Today 30th July,2019 The Managing Director -National Enterprise Corporation-Lt Gen James Mugira led a team of senior managers to NEC Farm Katonga( NEC Subsidiary)in Gomba to assess the implementation of the bull fattening project and the progress of the Egypt-Uganda Model farm. 

farmers cert

The Agricultural Show that began on 12th in Jinja has ended today 21st July 2019 with the Theme:The Agricultural Technologies and Innovation for Farmers ' led Agro -Industrialisation. NEC fully participated in the show represented by NEC -AGRO LTD, NEC Uzima LTD and NEC Farm Katonga together with Uganda Egypt Model Farm. We have been recognised by Uganda National Federation for our outstanding contribution to the Agricultural sector in Uganda.


Yesterday, 19th July, 2019, I joined other Government Communicators on a guided tour of Karuma Hydro Power Project by UEGCL. This is the biggest mega project Government is undertaking. Karuma HPP with a planned installed capacity of (6×100 MW) is located on the Kyoga Nile River in Kiryandongo District of Uganda. The Tailrace Outfall is situated within the Karuma Wildlife Reserve and about 7km downstream of the Karuma Bridge. It is a run -of- the-river (ROR) scheme and will utilise a gross head of 70.0m and design discharge of 1,098 cumecs to generate 4, 073 billion KWh of energy on average yearly. The project features a 14m high and 314m long concrete Dam, an underground Power House, Transformer Cavern and Surge Chamber. The Water Conductor System comprises, ~25km network of tunnels including 6×7.7m diameter headrace tunnels, 6×7.7m diameter tailrace branch tunnels, a Tailrace Surge Chamber and 2× tailrace tunnels (TRT) with finished diameter of 12.9m and lengths of 8,609m and 8,707m respectively. The total duration of the project construction is 60months. The overall physical progress of works estimated at 94.58% against the time spent of 90.2%. I would like to thank UEGCL for work well done so far.


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